Barber School Westbrook Maine

The 800 Hour Limited Barbering Program prepares you to take the exam for Limited Barbering in Maine. The program can be completed in as little as 8 months depending on your schedule. It’s highly recommended that you meet with admissions to learn more about the program concept, content, schedules and more.

Barbering Programs Offered

The 800 Hour Limited Barbering Program prepares you to take the exam for Limited Barbering in Maine.

Become an important part of your community!

The barbershop is legendary for being a hub of civic activity and communication in the local community. It’s an opportunity to support boys and men as they establish their success in life and position in the community. Whether it’s a young boy getting his first haircut, a young man getting ready for his first interview for a job or college, an up and coming business person or a dad or grandad who wants to look good for his family, what you do matters. You are the one who helps build their confidence to do their best.

Barbering is a fast growing and exciting career that combines your talent for style with your love of community. Barbering has a rich history and has long been regarded as a skilled profession, offering a comfortable and creative work environment. But most people don’t know how important the barbershop is to community development. Today’s barbers are a diverse population of people with a common desire to work with others to help them succeed. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist looking to expand your career or have always been interested in the world of barbering, Spa Tech Institute’s Limited Barbering Program can help you find success.

Your Career, Your Future

A career in Limited Barbering welcomes you into a vibrant, diverse and culturally relevant profession that is increasingly recognized for its creativity and craft. Whether you work in a barbershop, salon or spa, for a product company, in the entertainment field or have your own business, the possibilities are endless with strong growth potential.

Spa TechInstitute graduates have a reputation for being among the best. Our alumni are sought after by salons and spas throughout New England because of the quality of the education taught at the school. In fact, many of the high-end salons and spas in Maine are owned or managed by graduates of the school. They know that Spa Tech Institute graduates have excellent technique, high standards and are ready to succeed.

If you are like many of our students, you have been interested in grooming and design most of your life. You are an artist! Yet there’s more to grooming than just artistry, and as a student you’ll learn not only the art but the science to Barbering, allowing you to produce the look you want to achieve, each and every time.

Featuring industry-leading Pivot Point International training materials and support.

Do you want a barbering school that goes beyond the basics with an emphasis on learning to think like a designer and develop skills to succeed?

Why Pivot Point International is Superior

Pivot Point International is a pioneer in the field of education. You don’t learn a paint by the numbers system. You learn to see, think, create and adapt as a designer so you can be an innovator of future trends.

Of course, a program is only as good as the teachers. That’s why the school uses only trained, experienced professionals who know what it takes to be successful.

Not only are the teachers highly skilled but they are also carefully trained in all aspects of the Pivot Point educational approach. But more importantly, they understand the professional skills you need to be successful and work with you to develop both your personal creative abilities and your communications skills and professional appearance.

They want you to not just get a job. They want you to get the best job in the place where you want to work.

Spa Tech Student Clinic

The Spa Tech Institute student clinic gives you the experience you need to be a successful professional with hands-on client experience. You become salon or barbershop ready by performing cuts, facial hair grooming, and many other high-end services.

You’ll also learn best practices for customer care and product marketing, scheduling, client communication, product sales, all of which are very important points with employers.

Additional Benefits

One of the advantages of going to a multi-discipline spa school is that it better prepares you for what you’ll experience in the real world, whether it be a high-end salon, men’s spa or a barbershop. To help you learn more about the other services offered, you receive coupons for a free facial and a free massage or polarity session in the student clinic. In experiencing the work first hand, you learn how to cross-market these services, a skill that is deeply appreciated by a salon and spa owners and managers and it gives you the knowledge of expanding potential offerings as a business owner.

More importantly, you learn the importance of maintaining your most important instrument: YOUR body. Learning self-care to address the long term physical stress of being a successful Limited Barber is an important skill that can add years or decades to your career.

An added benefit is that you receive discounts on future classes you may take at Spa Tech Institute. Dual licensure is the trend of the future, particularly for those who want to open their own spa, salon or barbershop.

Now It’s Up to You

The opportunity to create a great career that is creative, fun and lucrative is just a few steps away. We know there is a lot to consider, which is why we encourage you to come in and learn more. Find out if the program is right for you, your options for financing your education and more. There is no obligation. The next step is to make an appointment to meet an Admissions Officer today.