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Not only do you learn the basics, but inspirational work that lets you experience the high-end fashion aspects of cosmetology are also important to your education. That’s why the Annual Style Show is an important part of your experience at Spa Tech Institute. From creating the show to raising donations and doing designing and modeling, you can participate on many levels.

Cosmetology Programs Offered

A career in cosmetology lets you develop your creativity, both artistically and professionally.

The 800 Hour Limited Barbering Program prepares you to take the exam for Limited Barbering in Maine.

A career in cosmetology lets you develop your creativity, both artistically and professionally. Whether you work in a salon or spa, for a product company, in the entertainment field or have your own business, it’s whatever you want to make it.

Spa Tech Institute graduates have a reputation for being among the best. Graduates are sought after by salons and spas throughout New England because of the quality of the education taught at the school. In fact, many of the high-end salons in Maine are owned or managed by graduates of the school. They know that Spa Tech Institute graduates are ready to succeed.

If you are like many of our students, you have been interested in beauty and style most of your life. You are an artist. What you are about to find out is that there is a science to cosmetology so you can produce the look you want to achieve.

Pivot Point International is a pioneer in the field of cosmetology education. You don’t learn a paint by the numbers system. You learn to see, think, create and adapt as a designer so you can be an innovator of future trends.

As an elite school with over 30 years of experience, we know the importance of thinking like a designer. That’s an important reason why most of the top salons and spas in the area are frequently owned or managed by graduates of the school. Additionally, many salons prefer graduates who know the Pivot Point system because it’s what they use as well.

This year you will have the added advantage of the Pivot Point online Artist Access which allows you to review what you have learned in class and enhance your studies online. This gives you an exceptional opportunity to learn like never before. The Artist Access program is a powerful new tool to ensure your success.

Of course, a program is only as good as the teachers. That’s why the school uses only trained, experienced professionals who know what it takes to be successful.

Not only are the teachers highly skilled but they are also carefully trained in all aspects of the Pivot Point educational approach. But more importantly, they understand the professional skills you need to be successful and work with you to develop both your personal creative abilities and your communications skills and professional appearance.

They want you to not just get a job. They want you to get the best job in the place where you want to work.

The teachers understand this and put in a great deal of time and effort to develop your creativity. The style shows created by the students are great examples of the many fun and imaginative ways that the teachers help you develop your talent as a designer. Check out the shows on the Spa Tech Institute YouTube channel.

The Spa Tech Institute student clinic services 50-100 clients a day, giving you the experience you need to be a successful professional. You become salon-ready performing cuts, colors — including foils, perms, facials, waxing, makeup, nail art, and many other high-end services.

As part of your clinic experience, you also learn to use the acclaimed Guest Vision point of sale system. This is the same system used by Fantastic Sams, Super Cuts and many other salons throughout the world. You also learn best practices for customer care and product marketing, two very important points with employers.

One of the advantages of going to a multi-discipline spa school is that it better prepares you for the environment in most elite salons. To help you learn more about the other services offered in high-end salons and spas, you receive coupons for a free facial and a free massage or polarity session in the student clinic. In experiencing the work first hand you learn how to cross-market these services, a skill that is deeply appreciated by salon and spa owners and managers.

But more importantly, you learn the importance of maintaining your most important instrument: Your body. Learning self-care to address the long term physical stress of being a successful cosmetologist is an important skill that can add years or decades to your career.

Another great benefit is that you receive discounts on future classes you may take at Spa Tech Institute. Dual licensing is the trend of the future, particularly for those who want to open their own spa or salon.

It’s Up to You

The opportunity to create a great career that is creative, fun and can pay very well is just a few steps away. We know there is a lot to consider which is why we encourage you to come in and learn more. Find out if this is the right profession for you, your options for financing your education and more. There is no obligation. Just make an appointment to meet a Career Adviser and see if it’s what you want to do.

You can call us at 800-262-8530 to set up a time to meet. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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