Business Building CEU

Business Development and Ethics CEU Classes (CEU courses not accredited by NACCAS)

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*Class   **Code   ***Hours   ****Prerequisite

*Career Building in the Digital Age: Using Technology to succeed   **ABS01  ***8   ****None
Covers all aspects of how to make your career and business more successful by using state of the art tools to manage, grow and brand you or your business.

*Business Skills   **BSK03   ***16   ****Mod1 or Lev1
The overall goal is to help students establish the business container that will support a successful professional bodyworker long-term.  The specific goal is to help students define and set up a basic business plan, go over marketing and quality control.

*Professional Development & Empowerment   **PDE04   ***16   ****Mod1 or Lev1
Bringing professionalism to the next level, the goal is to define the student’s mission and vision, create brochures and offer the student in-depth client empowerment through upholding clear, professional ethics.