Career Success in the Digital Age CEU

Career Building in the Digital Age: Using Technology to Build Your Success (CEU courses not accredited by NACCAS)

8 CE Credit Hours: Tuition $200 ($160 for graduates and students in good standing)

Date and Time: Go to  Register Online or call the Campus where you will attend.

This could be the most valuable class you ever take.

It’s always fun to learn a new skill but the thing that builds your career and business success the fastest is to attract, acquire and retain clients and get referrals from existing.  This requires efficient systems for marketing and remarketing to new and existing customers.

By just adopting one or two techniques from this class you will multiply your business for years to come. (Remember, every new client is worth not only the value of their original visit but all visits thereafter as well as referrals. Add client retention, referrals and additional visits due to good customer relations and we are talking about thousands of dollars a year of additional income.)

Learn to harness the amazing power at your fingertips. The digital age is changing how we work, play, communicate and think. It is an exciting frontier that rewards those who understand the power that it represents. There is no avoiding it. It’s here to stay and those who master it will be significantly more successful than those who avoid it. The good news is that it is evolving so quickly that it’s easier to learn and use than ever before.

This class is designed to cover five critical areas: Business efficiency, getting connected with people, staying connected, developing effective digital relationships and avoiding security and other pitfalls. Specifically, it will cover everything from digital business solutions, effective email, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networks, websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) on Google, Yahoo, MSN and others and how to get the most out of your digital investment.

Whether you are familiar with these terms and/or particularly if they are new to you, this is important for your future success. If you pick up a few new ideas or if it gives you the confidence to enter the arena, the class may be one of the most important things you learn this year.

Instructor: Kris Stecker, President, and Owner of Spa Tech Institute

With over 30 years of experience in high tech as a software engineer, a business owner, bodyworker and teacher, Kris brings a unique perspective to teaching people to be comfortable with technology.  His love of helping people succeed coupled with his knowledge of the field makes this a fun and interesting day. He has learned the hard lessons so he can help you avoid the most common mistakes. But most of all, he will help you become more successful.

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