CEU Tuition Credit

20% Tuition Credit*

The Alumni CEU Tuition Credit is an exciting program that gives graduates, and active students in good standing, of the school’s career programs, of 600 hours or more, a 20% tuition credit on all future classes at the school.

We are very excited about this new program that helps you to take the additional training that increases your skills. We know from experience that many of our graduates go on to additional training simply because they want to attain the best results possible. This is our way of saying thank you for your dedication to excellence.

This benefit is open to all graduates or active students in good standing of a career oriented program of 500 hours or more.**  You must be in good standing with no outstanding obligations to the school and your student loans must be up to date.

To learn more, please contact admissions at the location where you want to take additional training. If you graduated from a branch other than the one you want to attend, be sure to let them know where you attended.

We look forward to seeing you again and working with you to reach your highest potential.

*All graduates of Spa Tech, Headhunter or PRI curriculum career programs of more than 600 hours are eligible to receive this credit regardless of when they graduated.

**(Massachusetts only) Students that started in the 300 hour Holistic Aesthetician Career Program prior to 1/1/2006 are also eligible for the 20% tuition credit provided they graduated by their contract graduation date. Students who graduated from the 300 hour Aesthetics programs that started after 1/1/2006 are eligible for a 10% tuition discount on future CEU classes or career programs.