Cosmetology Instructor Program Westbrook Maine

The 600 hour Teacher Training for Cosmetology is offered multiple times throughout the year. To qualify for the program you must be a licensed cosmetologist in the State of Maine and have an interview with both Admissions and the Director at the school. The program length varies depending on your schedule. At the end of the program you may take the Cosmetology Instructor Exam with the Maine Board of Cosmetology and Barbering.

The training is designed around the Pivot Point International approach to hair design. It’s recommended that you set up a time to meet with Admissions and the Director to learn the specifics about the program.

8 Reasons to Choose Spa Tech

Quite simply, students choose Spa Tech Institute because they want a superior education from a school with a reputation for quality that is seen as a leader in the industry.

  1. Superior Reputation We focus on helping you develop your technical skills while also helping you find your unique expression of the work. With the addition of learning professionalism and excellent customer care and communication skills, you can hit the ground running when you start your professional career. Employers recognize the difference.
  2. Hands-On Training In addition to In Class clinics that evaluate your professional skills in an in-class clinical setting, you also get student clinic experience, that is open to the public and gives you experience with bodywork, communication, and business skills while still under supervision.
  3. A Career You’ll Love Going to school with people who share your interests and values is the foundation of your future professional network. Spa Tech Institute students often become lifelong friends. There have even been cases of students opening businesses together after they graduate from Spa Tech Institute.
  4. Active Professionals in their Field Our instructors are experienced, professionals themselves, who have received extensive teacher training as well. Their real-world experience helps ensure you receive relevant skills to ensure your success.
  5. Federal Student Aid for students who qualify.
  6. Discounts and Scholarships We offer a 10% tuition discount to professionals who hold a license or credential related to the Spa, Health, Wellness, and Beauty industries, as well as a Merit Scholarship available to all graduates of the Massage or Polarity programs at the school.
  7. Networking Your first job shapes how you feel about the field you chose to be in. Our goal throughout your time at Spa Tech Institute is to put you into the best job in your field. One way we do that is through alumni connections. We invite alumni back to Spa Tech Institute for seminars and encourage them to post to our job boards. Your fellow Spa Tech Institute alums will quickly become your friends and will work to find you the best placement possible. Why? Because someone did it for them.
  8. Job Placement Help We have an online Job Portal for both finding and listing jobs. Students and Graduates can search the listings for more information. We also have a New Job Newsletter that will provide current listings for your area of interest on a regular basis.


Student Benefits

  • Discounts on products in the school bookstore.
  • Massage students receive 4 free sessions in the student clinic.
  • All students receive a free session or service in the other programs offered at their campus.
  • You develop relationships with the top educators, students and alumni in the area. This is a valuable source of future referrals and networking opportunities.

Alumni Benefits

  • Participate in alumni events at the school.
  • Product discounts in the bookstore 20% off tuition for any CEU classes or programs that you attend at the school.
  • Discounts in the student clinics.
  • Eligible for the Merit Scholarship to get additional training in the student clinic.
  • 50% discount on any class that you wish to repeat as a refresher.
  • Access to the Job Portal and support from the school in continuing to grow your career.