Foot Reflexology CEU

Foot Reflexology – 16 hours (CEU courses are not accredited by NACCAS)

Almost everyone loves to have their feet rubbed. Feet take a tremendous amount of abuse and neglect. If you have a job where you are on your feet all day, are a runner or hiker, or simply have sensitive feet, you appreciate the gift of a great foot massage. Additionally, the major nerve groups are anchored in the feet which creates a point of access to releasing stress in the entire being.

This class is 16 of theory and technique that your friends, family, and clients will love. With these simple techniques, people experience deep relaxation and many other physical benefits. Whether it is used in conjunction with a pedicure, used to improve massage sessions, or as a stand-alone service, good foot Reflexology technique is greatly appreciated by most people.

This class is available on a space available basis and there is no prerequisite.