Introduction to Polarity Therapy Course

Introduction to Polarity Therapy – 120 hours (CEU courses are not accredited by NACCAS)

The introduction to Polarity Therapy gives you an excellent set of tools to add to your existing practice or simply to learn a new technique to support family and friends. The program is a fast way of learning the most important Polarity concepts and techniques that creates the basis for good sessions.

This program is of particular value for massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, nurses, and other health professionals that want to expand their scope of practice as well as those who want to expand their personal health knowledge for helping family and friends.

The Introduction to Polarity Therapy has no prerequisite other than an open mind and a desire to help others.

(Please note that you can only get the APP credential from the American Polarity Therapy Association while you are continuing your studies towards the full career program or if you are practicing under another license.)

(This is the first level of the full 660 hour Polarity career program or the 600 hour Holistic Massage career program. The credits may be transferred into a full career program for those who wish to continue.)