Student Benefits

Student Benefit Program

When you enroll in a career program at Spa Tech Institute there are many benefits:

  • As an active student in good standing in a career program you are eligible for a 20% Tuition Credit on CEU classes that are 32 hours or less with no additional application fees. The tuition credit does not apply to ARYSE.
  • You receive discounts on products in the school bookstores (excluding student kit and class materials)
  • Massage and Polarity students receive 4 free sessions in the student clinic
  • All students receive a free session or service in the other modalities offered at their campus
  • Cosmetology students receive product and service vouchers, for good attendance, to be used in the student clinic
  • You develop relationships with the top educators, students and alumni in the area. This is a valuable source of future referrals and networking opportunities.

Alumni Benefits

In addition to all the benefits you receive as a student, it gets even better when you are a graduate in good standing.

  • Participate in alumni events at the school
  • Product discounts in the bookstore
  • 20% off tuition for any CEU classes or programs that you attend at the school
  • Discounts in the student clinics
  • Eligible for the Merit Scholarship to get additional training in the student clinic
  • 50% discount on any class that you want to repeat as a refresher
  • Access to the Job Portal and support from the school in continuing to grow your career

We are dedicated to your success and will continue to find ways to help you go to the next level.