I had the most amazing experience after the July ARYSE. (For those of you that don’t know, ARYSE stands for Advance Realizing Your Sublime Energies) It seems like a vortex has been created that has shifted my perception of time. It’s like a time warp that has created more time in my life or perfect timing. Perfect timing or something that creates time is the ultimate prosperity. Money, possessions, and many other things can be gained or lost, but time is unique is that once a second has passed, it’s gone forever.  Of course, if you want to get esoteric about it, that is not entirely true but in our linear experience of time, it appears that the sequential marking of time is only one direction. Anyone who knows me already knows that I tend to work 70 hours a week and usually only sleep about 4 hours a night, so as you may imagine, time is very precious to me. Having more of it is a tremendous gift. So what happened after ARYSE is fairly remarkable.

How Time Shift Manifested

The shift in time has manifested in three ways, all of which are very valuable to me. However, it took me a while to see what had happened. At first, I thought that things had actually gotten worse with time working against me. I started discovering problems at work that I didn’t know were there, got stuck in traffic in odd ways and was late for appointments (I’m usually 10 minutes early). I was feeling frustrated because it seemed like obstacles were interfering with my progress. It wasn’t until I was hiking that it hit me. All the obstacles were actually related to timing working better for me.

  • The problems were manifesting quickly, thereby giving me more time to take action and correct them. They could have remained buried for an extended time because they are not things that I would normally be looking for or come across. The fact that they showed up at all will save me a lot of lost time later.
  • The obstacles I encountered that caused me to get to several locations late worked out perfectly. In one case the person I had to meet was running behind schedule and the other case an accident occurred where I would have been if I was running on schedule. In both cases, it worked out and saved me time.
  • I also had over 4 hours of driving 3 days in a row and in each case, it felt like half that much. I arrived at each location much more rested and alert than normal. The driving took less out of me, required less recovery time and as a result, I was far more productive.

While I was hiking the time flew by and everything afterward, including my communications, is more to the point and effective (although there may be people who are not as comfortable with the directness, the end result is that they are going to be more effective as well). Getting used to this new relationship with time will take some additional adjustment but it reinforces the power of working on your alignment and clarity.

And this has made me curious to know: Has anyone else had the same experience of having their sense of time shift as a result of receiving energy work? If so, what’s your experience?



P.S. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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