A key point of being prosperous is to stay focused on your goals and to not let others discourage you. Most obstacles are not even real but are imagined. Successful people learn to see through or beyond the obstacle to the completion of what they want to accomplish.

The current, mostly imaginary obstacle, is the state of the economy. The media and politicians are generating a lot of fear about the economy. The good news is that it’s mostly false. The bad news is it is contributing to hurting the economy.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal exposes the hyoe that is being used to pass the stimulus package. By generating a lot of fear that the economy will fail if something isn’t done NOW is the best way to ram through a spending package without people taking time to look at it. Unfortunately, that same hype also contributes to people being afraid to move forward with their lives.

Fact: Unemployment is currently at 7.6% nationally. In 1982 it was at 10.8 and in the Depression, it was at 25.2 so our current situation is not that bad. The unemployment rate in New England is much less than in other areas of the country. We are seeing our graduates doing well and a steady demand for our job portal. We are also seeing some students who are being swept up by the hype and not trying to look for work because they believe there are no jobs.

The jobs are there for motivated people. For people who choose to live in areas where there is no demand or don’t want to work the hours’ people are available, it will be more difficult to succeed. It all comes down to choice. The point is, stay focused on growing your career and don’t be discouraged by the media and the politicians. They gain readers, viewers, and voters by making things sound worse than they are. Don’t let them steal your dreams. Make your future a reality. Be well and choose to make this your best year yet.