Get Motivated Seminar

This valuable information is being shared with you to help you succeed.

20 people from the Institute attended the Get Motivated Seminar with Zig Ziglar, Mayor Rudi Giuliani, General Tommy Franks and 5 other outstanding performers from many walks of life. The theme was leadership and success.

The seminar was a wonderful display of leadership, self-determination and initiative. Almost all the speakers were excellent and made important points. A number of them were selling additional training which is a natural extension of the purpose of the seminar. They are providing tools to use after the seminar is over. If a person wants to move forward in their life, these vehicles are there to help.

The comments on the links on the left do a great job of capturing many of the important concepts that were shared with us. It also captures the energy of the seminar. You can feel the focus and enthusiasm that people got from the seminar.

Enjoy and learn. Then take action and be successful.