Your schedule has been carefully designed to give you the optimal learning experience so consistent attendance is basic to doing well. Given the design of the schedule, any interuption in attendance is very difficult to make up for.

However, at times life events can come up that you have no control over. In these cases there are alternatives to withdrawing from your program of study.

In these situations a Leave of Absence (LOA) may be requested by a student for a number of reasons as an option for taking a temporary break from class attendance. The request must be in writing and must be for a very good reason.

It’s important that the reason is legitimate and the leave is short term and temporary. An LOA must be approved by the Director of Education so please be sure to present as much information as possible including:

The reason for requesting the LOA. (It has to be a very good reason or it won’t be accepted. Feeling stressed or wanting to have the summer off to go to the beach are not going to be acceptable.)

The date that you will be returning to classes (this may need to be worked out with the Director to determine when the classes you need will be offered again.)

What will be changed by taking the LOA. (What remedies will the LOA allow you to put in place so when you return you can successfully complete your training.)

What classes (if any) might you make up during your LOA.

Submit your written request to the Director of Education at your campus. The Director will meet with you to review the request and get any additional information they need in their decision.

If you do not return from your LOA as planned, the school must (by law) terminate your enrollment. You may request an appeal of the termination. The sooner the appeal is made the more likely it is to be accepted. The appeal must be made in writing.

Our goals is to have you graduate and find an excellent job. This process may be needed to achieve the goal.

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