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“Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms.”-Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND: Founder of Polarity Therapy

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“The medicine of the future will be energy medicine, and chemical medicine will be a subset of medicine as a whole. Probably 80 percent of medicine will be energy medicine, and 20 percent chemical medicine.”  – Robert Jacobs, N.M.D. D.Hom. (Med), London England 

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Who Is Polarity Therapy For?

Polarity Therapy is a path for people who are committed to working with advanced, integrative healing techniques that are based on harmony with the body, mind, and spirit. Polarity therapy is particularly powerful for people who meditate or are committed to their spiritual path. It is impossible to work with high energy without being transformed into new levels of understanding and awareness.

Whether you are already an energy worker who is looking for a more clearly defined model, a massage therapist who keeps sensing that there is more going on than the rubbing of muscles, or you are intuitive, sensitive to energy and tuned in to vibrational healing, Polarity Therapy offers a path of knowledge that strengthens you as you learn and do the work.

What is the Science of Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a broad term that defines a primary construct of a physical body, the human energy field. Every day there are new studies that validate what the holistic and energetic healing community has known for centuries: The body has an energy field that affects our physical body. The fields of chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, holistic health, homeopathy, yoga, tai chi, meditation, and many other fields have described it in different ways. Polarity Therapy combines many of these concepts to create an integrated description that covers the phenomenon of the human body.

Of course, the scientific method (what can be measured and recorded) is unable to address the field of human energy due to limitations in the ability to measure it with the current technology. Remember that DNA, mitochondria and the microbiome are all relatively new fields of study and that science is working to get closer to understanding what’s happening with human energy systems. As science becomes increasingly refined, it is getting closer to “discovering” the energy system. But it’s still in the future. This is similar to gravity: The effect of gravity can be measured but science still doesn’t know what makes it work. These are indeed exciting times.

What’s it Like to Learn Polarity Therapy?

This is difficult to describe as so much happens on so many levels. As you learn Polarity Therapy, you may feel like you were born knowing polarity therapy or discovered it on your own personal journey as a healer. Learning polarity therapy is more like remembering than it is like learning something new. That’s because everyone, whether they perceive it or not, has an energy system that needs corrections.

But more importantly, as you learn the techniques and practice the work, it changes you. If you are receiving a session, you are in the energy of Polarity Therapy healing for 60-90 minutes. However, when you give sessions multiple times a day, you are in that same energy for hours on a daily basis rather than once a week or once a month. Being in the energy for extended periods of time transforms your perception and your body. You also receive sessions as part of your polarity school experience.

The exposure to this much transformative and healing energy changes your nervous, endocrine and other systems and may also be changing your mitochondria, microbiome and even your DNA. The end result is that almost all Polarity Therapists realize a profound shift in their perception and intuition along with physical changes in their bodies and their lives.

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is the application of how energy manifests in the human form and the ways that it can become blocked, causing illness, or cleared to create health. It was developed in 1940-1980 by Doctor Randolph Stone, a Chiropractor, and Osteopath who searched the world over to find what prevented people from healing.

With concepts from the new field of Quantum Physics that recognized energy as the building blocks of matter and finding the energy-based healing modalities including Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic from India, he created the breakthrough model known as Polarity Therapy. Polarity Therapy includes energetically based bodywork, thoughts/beliefs, exercises, and nutritional understanding.

Polarity School Programs

The 660 clock hour Polarity Therapy program offered at Spa Tech Institute is based on decades of work by author, developer and teacher Nancy Risley, RPE, BCPP, who was also the Chair of the American Polarity Therapy Association, Board of Certification for Polarity Practitioners. Her unique understanding of transformational healing work uses a powerful combination of Polarity Therapy and energy techniques developed in Realizing Your Sublime Energies (RYSE) which was developed by Nancy. The synthesis of these two techniques creates training that teaches self-clearing as the core of being able to clear others.

RYSE is the study and application of how to manifest your highest potential through energy awareness and intention. Using this energy as a tool for self-transformation through self-realization, you learn to become an energetically aware being who is able to heal yourself on the most profound levels. This work is present in the form of advanced energy clearing techniques, energetically based channeling and communications, and client empowerment techniques.

canstockphoto0248242The benefits of these combined modalities are that you move into a state of realization that allows for deep healing and the creation of new patterns of living that are consciously aligned with realizing your highest potential in all areas of your life. What you experience you can then teach to others through a combination of polarity bodywork, energy clearing, energetic nutrition, and energy exercises.

Polarity Programs Offered at the Polarity School

There are both introductory APP programs available for CEU‘s or for professional or personal development as well as the full RPP training.

We look forward to working with you as you learn this exciting new field.

Please note: The APP, RPP, and BCPP designations are terms used by the APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association) and they do not confer the ability to meet licensing standards. APTA is not a licensing body and therefore makes no claim as to the value of an RPP or BCPP designation in meeting licensing requirements. The APP, RPP, and BCPP designation are terms used exclusively by the APTA to recognize the level of training that a course provides or whether a person has passed the BCPP exam. Licensing is controlled by state and local governments. All questions as to the level of education or credential required to practice should be directed to the state or local government where you intend to practice. 

“After having one polarity session, and feeling the immediate peace and balance that occurred, I knew I wanted to share this experience with others. After eight years, I continue to enjoy a very successful practice and a superior quality of life.”

Linda Leith – PRI Graduate
Polarity Therapist/Owner – The Polarity Loft

Polarity School Program Content and Course Descriptions

660-clock-hour Polarity Therapy career program (Preparation for the APTA (RPP) Registered Polarity Practitioner level of registration)

  • Associate Polarity Practitioner Training (APP) – Complete introduction to polarity therapy including basic theory, five elemental theory, spinal energy release, aura and chakra work, yoga and nutrition, cranial work, and how to establish a complete session. Includes focus on the relationship between client and practitioner in the energetic environment.
  • RYSE 1-4 (included in the Associate Polarity Practitioner Program) – RYSE is a 16-hour in-depth sophisticated awareness program for burnout prevention, alignment, and clarity. The content of RYSE also gives the student an added business skills knowledge base for the creation of a successful practice.
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology – Foundational orientation in western anatomy and physiology taught in a highly experiential format to ensure maximum learning. The classes cover basic terminology and movement terms with an introduction to the skeletal and muscular systems.
  • Heart Resonance – Heart work brings soul energy into the body. Includes resonance of heart center, heart work, circulation problems, hypertension/hypotension, and cerebral-spinal fluid release.
  • Intuitive Symbolic Interpretation – Conscious channeling with an emphasis on learning to interpret the symbols of the subconscious in the communication process.
  • Advanced Vitality Balancing – Opening vitality pathways to release vital energy, freeing pent up fire energy. Includes umbilical, motor, and diaphragm release and energetic anatomy.
  • Advanced Nervous System – Balancing of parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Brings life force into the body. Used to correct deep water imbalances, chronic lumbar and leg problems.
  • Craniosacral – Understanding and recognizing three body rhythms, principles of craniosacral therapy, diaphragm release and CSF pump.
  • Advanced Fire Work – Diaphragm work, correcting low vitality, including energetic anatomy and fire releasing techniques.
  • Psychosynthesis Body Awareness – Client-centered approach to communications including how to give clients tools to hear, understand and heal what their bodies and nervous systems are telling them.
  • Advanced Cranial – Includes occipitotemporal region contact, stretching and opening the foramen magnum, techniques for cranial sore spots, gas related headaches, eyestrain, hearing and balancing energy currents of the body.
  • Transitions & Empowerment – Bringing to completion of disempowered/unhealed aspects of ourselves. Look at mythology and use of inner child work to facilitate the highest healing.
  • Color Therapy – Study of color and light as powerful healing tools, deepening understanding of vibrational healing and polarity.
  • Sacral & Sacroiliac – All vital impulses of motor energy that the soul brings are lodged in the sacrum. The sacrum is called “the sacred bone” and is an important area to work on in a polarity session.
  • Advanced Chakra & Energetic Anatomy – Next level of chakra system repair including closed, congested, torn, blown out, ripped or damaged chakras, the root, and screens.
  • Advanced Spinal & Client Evaluation – Includes “the Countryside Technique”, to open the spine and back, assessing client’s vitality through pulse, tongue and facial diagnosis.
  • Sound Therapy – Learn to listen with an intuitive ear and how to use voice and other sounds to move energy. Includes attunement exercises for learning to hear blocks and find the most appropriate tone for clearing client, yourself or your space.
  • Cycles of Transformation – Explore models of cycles used to guide the transformation process.
  • Advanced Aura & Energetic Anatomy – Clear numerous auric problems including spikes, protrusions, chelation, Ida & Pingala, air and water patterns.
  • Energy Field Reading – Learn to read signals of a client’s life force or consciousness through the physical body.
  • Advanced Polarity Bodywork – Quick reflexes to release pains in legs, muscles in back, stomach and abdominal problems.
  • Polarity Realization Distance Healing – Use between sessions and to increase own energetic skills; based on advanced energetic concepts taught in RYSE.
  • Hips & Pelvic Alignment & Polarity Bodywork – Hips and pelvis form base of body’s geometry and play a major role in overall alignment.
  • Polarity Yoga Teacher Training & Nutrition – Simple exercises based on the subtle energetic/structural need of a healthy body. Learn to teach polarity yoga classes. Nutrition used as a path for healing or a tool for reaching high levels of clarity/vitality.
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology (Muscles) – Covers the musculoskeletal system in greater detail along with pathologies of these systems. Learning the structure of the body in detail assists in more effective technique, as well as more confidence and understanding of massage. Prepares students for the anatomy and physiology component of the National Certification Exam.
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology (Systems) – Covers the systems of the body and their pathologies excluding the skeletal and muscular systems. Prepares students for the anatomy and physiology component of the National Certification Exam.
  • Business Skills- The overall goal is to help students establish the business container that will support a successful professional bodyworker long-term. The specific goal is to help students define and set up a basic business plan, go over marketing and quality control.
  • Professional Development and Empowerment Training – Bringing professionalism to the next level, the goal is to define the student’s mission and vision, create brochures and offer the student in-depth client empowerment through upholding clear, professional ethics.
  • In Class Clinics / Integration / Supervision – Evaluation of professional skills in a clinical setting are invaluable for learning to hone skills as a therapist.
  • Advanced Integration & Evaluation – Detailed evaluation of technique, communications skills and professional demeanor designed to give you the highest levels of success.
  • Student Clinic Experience – Provides an optimal experience for the practice of bodywork, communication, and business skills under supervision at the School clinic. The clinic is open to the public and will provide the student with a diverse practice base.

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