Continuing Education

Department of Continuing Education: Please Note (CEU courses are not accredited by NACCAS)

NOTE: With the exception of the 1000 Hour Cosmetology Teacher Training, these CEU classes are not accredited by NACCAS and they do not qualify for Federal Title IV funding. The school does not represent or guarantee that classes will qualify for CEU credit with any state licensing board or certifying or professional organization. Determining if the class meets the requirements is the responsibility of the student. No refunds will be issued based on the non-recognition of a class.

The foundation of your professionalism is your commitment to excellence that comes from a passion for knowledge and perfection of technique. Whether you are looking for advanced training in your skill or additional training in related skills, the programs offered at the Institute are designed to bring your work to the next level.


Q. Are CEU class credits transferable into a career program?
A. Usually with the following restrictions:

  • If the CEU is not in the career program that you are interested in it is not transferable. For instance, a Polarity energy CEU will not be transferable to the Therapeutic Massage career program.
  • You can only transfer up to 50% of your credits into a career program. Therefore, if you take too many CEU classes they will not all qualify when you go to transfer them into the program if the total exceeds 50% of the total hours required in the program.
  • CEU classes taken at schools other than Spa Tech Institute are not transferable.

Q. Can the CEU classes be used to meet the requirements for the National Certification Exam CEU recertification requirements?
A. Only classes that have been approved by NCBTMB can be used.

Q. Can the classes be used towards nursing or other professional CEU requirements?
A. It depends on the class and the state where you are licensed. Each professional organization often has a lengthy approval process to register classes for CEU credit. This is frequently done for each state individually. For this reason, not all classes are registered in all states. The class information will list the CEU registrations that apply to that class.

Q. Will I get a certificate for each CEU class I attend?
A. Yes.

Q. If I take all the CEU classes that are equivalent to a full career program, will I be able to get a certificate for the entire career program?
A. Unfortunately, no. You can only get a certificate for the entire career program if you have enrolled and completed the program. This means that only up to 50% of your credits can be transferred into the career program. This restriction is a result of being an accredited career school.

Q. If I cannot get credit for a career program, how will I be able to get licensed?
A. It depends on the state. Please check the regulations for where you want to practice. In cases where Polarity Therapy is exempt from licensing, this should not be an issue. Massage, Aesthetics, and Cosmetology are more tightly controlled and generally require completing a program that matches the requirements for the state.

Q. If I want to become a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) can I do it by taking CEU classes?
A. At this time, the APTA uses a course approver process that allows for a collection of classes to be applied towards an RPP registration. Therefore you can get your RPP without a career program certificate provided your collective programs and classes meet the Standards for Practice for a Registered Polarity Practitioner.